Merch Lister Pro 3.0 - Listing Automation Chrome Extension

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Merch Lister Pro is the premier Merch by Amazon Listing Tool.

  • Are you tired of spending hours each week uploading your designs to Merch?
  • Do you get frustrated by how long it takes to upload the same design to multiple products?
  • Are you tired of copying and pasting bullet points and descriptions, and clicking the same colors choices over and over again?

I was too, and that's why I created the Merch Lister Pro Chrome Extension!

With Merch Lister Pro, you can create profiles that will save your Brand Name, Title, Price, Bullet Points and Description AND Color Selections.

Fill in all of your information with just 2 Clicks or a Quick Keyboard Shortcut!

Want to increase your listing speed even more? You can with Merch Lister Pro!

With MLP 3.0, You Can Enter your 5 best keywords and let the Data Machine Auto-Generate Merch Profiles for you!

Or input your design information into a CSV and upload it into Merch Lister Pro, and you'll have access to all of your design information. Sort by Title or Brand!



Choose a Subscription - Monthly or Yearly (Yearly Saves 16%!)

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Matt Carlett of says:

"It gave me all my time back. Seriously, uploading and writing went from hours per day to minutes... It's made my life so much easier and given me my time back to spend on other things..."

RJ Martinez of Merch by Amazon Mastermind says:

"HUGE TIMESAVER. I'm blown away by how much easier it makes uploading. I've been using it since day 25 and it pays for itself every day because of how much time it saves me."

Yong Jae Chong of says:

"I speak very highly of Merch Lister Pro. It is the single reason why I was able to tier up to the 4,000 design tier so fast."

Derek says:

 As my daily upload limits increased, uploading became tedious work. Because Merch Lister Pro makes it so much easier, I no longer avoid uploading and consistently hit my limits.

Kathy says:

Before I started using MLP it took what seemed like forever to copy/paste or just fill in the necessary listing information. Working on niches it was so tedious I would easily become distracted. After MLP wow, the hours of time cut out off the time necessary gives me more time to design. I can't image not having MLP! If you are not using this invaluable tool, you are spending too much time especially if you value your time as much as I do!

Esmond says:

 MLP saved me at least thousands of hours from uploading, back then I hated uploading but now its a walk in a park. I was always skeptical about this program and always wondered if it was worth the money but once I purchased it, I never regretted it once! See it as an investment on time.

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Merch Lister Pro comes with a 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't love it, let me know and I'll be happy to give you a refund.

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Merch Lister Pro 3.0 - Listing Automation Chrome Extension

0 ratings